The idea of living in another country has always appealed to me. There is something about England and indeed the Western world that feels wrong. The cost of living is becoming steeper and steeper and it is becoming increasingly difficult for Millennials to progress in careers and in life. I’ve done the daily grind and I was able to save money. However, the ferocity of bills and tax takes away a lot of earnings; especially when living in an expensive city.

The way life is now seems almost paradoxical. We move to cities because there are more job opportunities and we have a higher chance of earning more money. So we set ourselves up with a job that is, at least, above minimum wage but we end up spending the majority on necessities and there is not a lot left over for our futures (and avocado on toast, of course.) If we take a job in a city but choose to live somewhere cheaper, even the cost of travel is becoming extortionate. We get caught in a merry-go-round of earning and spending.

What if it didn’t have to be like this?

Whilst I am young, I would like to explore the idea of becoming a digital nomad. This is basically ‘working from home’ but travelling at the same time. Your office is wherever you are. You get to see the world but you don’t get the dreaded gap in your CV that you have to nervously explain to interviewers. We are so lucky that we live in a world where, through technology, this nomadic lifestyle is possible.

It is possible to earn around the same amount you would in an office from your laptop but, when traveling (especially in some places in the East) the cost of living can be less than £50 a month! Imagine being able to bank nearly all of your wages and also explore and experience the world. Imagine waking up, bringing your laptop to a bar on a beach (not to drink but to borrow their Wi-Fi of course) and doing 3-5 hours’ work then plunge yourself into the ocean, go to that festival or visit a Buddhist temple.

Before you stop reading and say to yourself “that’s way too good to be true.” People do it!

Whether or not there is the opportunity to progress or have a high powered career doing it is something slightly more individualised. I suppose my thinking behind it is that if I can look through spread sheets and analyse data from the comfort of my own home, there is absolutely no reason why I wouldn’t be able to do that whilst travelling around the world. If the jobs I am doing are to gain work experience and hone my skills in a certain profession there is nothing stopping me from doing that remotely.

The only reason why everyone doesn’t do this is because it is not something we are told is a wise thing to do. We are told that we must have a job in an office where we can get promoted and earn more money so we can spend more money and buy a house and have a family. That is happiness and that is life, which is just the way it is and has been forever.

The technological revolution has changed every aspect of our lives professionally and socially. Perhaps, becoming a digital nomad is the next step in this ‘natural’ evolution. I predict that in the next few years working remotely from anywhere in the world will become something more mainstream and something that people in their 20’s or 30’s will aspire to do.

I would like to jump into it before it becomes saturated and poisoned, as is what happens when people (companies) wrap their hands around something.

I want to travel but instead of working abroad in bars to keep the trip funded; I want to turn the trip into my office.


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