My Haunted House

My neighbours had an exorcism.

Eight years ago, I noticed some strange things happening. Seemingly sinister happenings that were’nt explainable – I’m not talking about chains rattling in the attic or blood gushing from the walls. Things would appear, disappear, taps would turn on and off etc. Uneasiness hung in the air.

This was back in my parent’s house, at the time they were getting divorced; you can imagine the tension just from that.

I told my sister first,  I told her I was experiencing something paranormal and at first she didn’t believe me.  However it wasn’t long before she was experiencing some bizarre happenings as well. She would come home late at night and hear me talking to no one in my room. Our dog would go crazy and bark at an empty corner with no warning. She was the only one who felt the same way that I did – strangely enough our rooms are on the side of the house that’s closest to our neighbours’. I had tried to explain away most of the activity, as any cynic does!

Most of it was explainable, but my experience of living in that house shifted the day I took a photograph. (A selfie, of course.) I squinted my eyes and focused on the woman in the frame behind me. An old, withered woman with a veil over her face. (Cliché I know!) I could not explain this one away! There was no way I could show my sister, so I chose to show my Dad. His whole response to ‘our house is haunted’ was a very obvious and dismissing ‘piss off’. This was my ‘I told you so’ moment! He told me it was a trick of the light, a reflection off the wall and that there was nothing to be afraid of. The picture made the hair on the back of my neck stand up – I deleted it.

After that, the atmosphere was heavy, I sensed negative energy all throughout the day and night. There was a shiver running around my house looking for a spine to crawl up. There were shadows in every corner of the eye and thuds and bangs when home alone.

Halloween came, and as I am sure you can imagine I was expecting something to manifest – it did. I was the last to leave the house and the first to return on the 31st. In the two hours I was gone, things had moved. One of my Mum’s small statues had fallen off the mantle piece, a few lightbulbs had stopped working and my dog refused to leave his bed.

As I alluded to before, it was no horror movie but living in that house made me feel like I was loosing my mind. It got to the point where when something ‘paranormal’ would happen I would shout! ‘Leave me alone!’ or ‘You’re so annoying!’ or ‘You’re not scaring me! I’m bored now, let me sleep!’

The second I stopped believing that my house was haunted – it wasn’t. Wow, imagine that? Step aside Ghostbusters! Perhaps it’s part of the human psyche? The expectation of something creepy happening made me experience creepy things. My sister only started experiencing ‘paranormal’ activity after I told her that I had been. I told her I felt a chill in the air, and she started to feel it too. I told her something was keeping me up at night and it started to keep her awake too.

It’s funny, I moved back to this house three months ago and not a peep from any ghoulies, no ghosties or demons. It’s made me think about how people’s perception of reality is everything! How we experience situations is everything!

A change in attitude can change your life. 

Quite by accident, the person haunting this house all those years ago turned out to be myself.

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