My first tattoo, many years ago, was two words: escape mediocrity. I had branded myself as a reminder to always work and graft at everything to become better. A lot of my life I had felt like I was not good enough, more specifically that I was average at a lot of different things but … Continue reading Success

The Great Year

There is a well-known saying that ‘History repeats itself’. Our ancestors believed that there was a grand cycle - bringing about high ages of enlightenment and low ages of darkness. This cycle was marked by the movement of the stars. Regardless of beliefs or location – the grand cycle can be seen in many mythologies … Continue reading The Great Year

Life Envy

Feeling envious is complicated. It is an emotion that is the product of a witches’ brew of other emotions. At the root of envy you will find: regret, fear, insecurity, worry etc. (All those pesky, hard-to-shake-off feelings). Fret not, it is something that all of us as humans share. However if envy becomes the totality … Continue reading Life Envy